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currently. off to the west are cooler temperatures. 72 at dulles and gaithersburg. 73 in culpeper. the heat and humidity are beginning to build in the mid portion of the country. this is on the way as we move into the end of the week along with increased dew point levels. it will start to feel uncomfortable. upper 80's to low 90's today with lots of sunshine. what can we expect for the rush hour? overnight construction is gone. light volume of traffic right now if you are getting ready to hit the road. off on 66 inside the beltway through falls church, and nothing complicated in rosslyn and across the wilson bridge. 395, handling its own between the beltway and 14th street bridge. looks good on 270.
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no troubles in and out of baltimore. back to you. >> thank you. a two-time officer of the year accused of attempted murder. mount rainier officer gene gillette is due in court today to face charges that he shot a man and then tried to cover it up. >> brianne carter has more on the bizarre sequence of events that led to the shooting. >> facing a number of charges in connection with the shooting in capitol heights officer gene gillette turned himself into police. >> i thought it would be safer in the neighborhood with him being here, but i see that it's only made things worse. >> on july 2, the 20-year-old male was lured to the residents of the intellect when he was told there would be girls there and they would make a pornographic film. he was asked to perform a sexual act on the officer. the male victim tried to flee in the officer's personal car. that is when officer gillette
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allegedly shot the man several times in the upper body. >> i woke up to here screaming and immediately heard gunshots. i looked out the window and sawgrass and saw some other gunshots and a guy jumps out and hit the ground. >> officer gillette claimed that the man was a carjacker. >> if police that arrived on the scene did not stop at that story. >> at police headquarters, this is where officer of gillette turned himself in yesterday. we understand that he will go before a judge later today for bond hearing. he is suspended without pay. brianne carter, abc 7 news. fairfax county police are intensifying their search for serial slasher. the most recent attack happened monday at fair oaks mall. the suspect is seen in surveillance photographs. police believe he is responsible for a least five attacks in the area. three different shopping
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centers. in each case he distracted a female shopper and then cut her backside. < a week before america's dates with default. -- less than a week. >> we have the latest on the negotiations. >> america is one day closer to defaulting on her bills and leaders are no closer to compromise. a proposal from the speaker of the house is being redone at the last minute. there's a heightened sense of urgency in washington with just five days to go before the nation its its credit limit. speaker john boehner is rewriting its plant after the congressional budget office found that it would not cut spending as much as previously thought. there's a boat a vote postponed
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until tomorrow. america's credit rating is facing a downgrade. ensuring social security checks and active-duty military paychecks are two of the top priorities. the white house and congressional leaders insist it will not get to that point. dueling plans from down the owner and the senate minority leader harry reid remain front and center -- dueling plans from john boehner and senate minority leader harry reid. the downgrade in the country's credit rating is still likely even if an agreement is reached. oregon congressman david wu says that he will resign from congress after allegations he had an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18-year-old woman. initially said that he would serve out his term but would not run for reelection. now he says that he will step down when the debt ceiling
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crisis is resolved. the house homeland security committee will hold another hearing on radicalized muslims in america. this is after a committee investigation found more than 40 somalis americans had been recruited to fight for terrorists in their homeland. u.s. counter-terrorism officials have not confirmed that number. the washington post is reporting al qaeda could be on the brink of collapse. revelation comes about three months after the death of al qaeda leader osama bin laden. intelligence officials say that whatever leader's death was a turning point. continuous attacks by drone aircraft have also helped to cripple whatever network. norwegian police under fire for their response to the massacre of young people at an island you can. it took officers more than 90 minutes to reach anders breivik, the man accused of carrying out that attack and a bombing in oslo.
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his lawyer says that his client is likely insane. -- massacre of young people at a youth camp. still ahead, the beginning of the end for walter reed army medical center. >> and metro fare cards are getting a temporary makeover. we will tell you what is taking their place. >> and there's a sweltering mid- week forecasts, next.
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wednesday morning 5:09. let's find out how this day will shape up and whether there is much more relief. >> what do you have for us? >> lower humidity levels compared with the past couple days. don't get used to it. the heat and humidity will creep up on us again starting tomorrow. a degrees right now at reagan national airport. in the 60's in martinsburg
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cumberland, and petersburg. 77 in cumberland. heat and humidity beginning to build to the west of us. orange and red areas in the left side of the screen. high pressure over head. it's a beautiful morning and afternoon expected. quiet conditions for the next several days. high-pressure moving off the coast means that we will look for heat and humidity to build back into the area. 88 degrees-92 to 92 today. in the 60's tonight with scattered clouds. tomorrow in the daytime, low 90's. 100 degrees by friday. do you have better news? >> overnight construction is being cleared out of the way. normal travel times between rich and and baltimore on 95. in good shape on the dulles
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greenway 66, and 270. moving at speed between 80 and 109. traffic headed away from us is the southbound direction. are pretty good trip along the freeway and in southeast washington. metro rail trains are out on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 77 degrees. >> coming up, new competition for netflix. the world's largest retailer is trying its hand in movies. >> a motherless four-year-old who died and when they were jaywalking
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welcome back. checking our top stories on this wednesday morning. mount rainier police officer and
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on the wrong side of the law. a grand jury indicted officer gene gillette on several charges including attempted murder. the charges stem from a shooting at his capitol heights home on july 2. he is scheduled to be in court today. six days before a potential default, it is still not clear whether congress can compromise on a deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending. the house and the senate are debating competing plans. it's not clear if either one has the votes to pass. a georgia woman whose four- year-old son was struck and killed while she and her children were jaywalking will not go to prison. raquel nelson could have received three years in jail, but her lawyer says that she is expected to get a new trial. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton plans to speak out on behalf of 90,000 furloughed faa employees and construction workers. members of congress will hold a news conference today and push
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for a bill to get the furloughed employees back to work. the fight for jobs is leading to an emotional showdown in frederick county. more than 100 people rallied last night, upset about a proposal to privatize hundreds of county jobs in order to save money. the county board plans to form a committee to examine the issue. there is no word on when a decision will be made. the u.s. postal service's money problems could soon the to the closings of thousands of post office and many are in our area. 95 stations in virginia are on the list to be studied foreclosure along with 42 in maryland and 19 in d.c. one of the stations is in the middle of a busy area in d.c. on benning road. >> that would put more burden on some of the other spots. >> a lot of us depend on that post office. i don't have access to the
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internet and home. i still depend on the post office to do a lot of my deliveries and shipping. >> a major reason for the financial problems, customers going on line to do business. new this morning, metro is issuing special one day passes to market opening of the martin luther king jr. national memorial. the pass costs $9 and invalid weekdays after 9:30 a.m. or all saturday and sunday. it opens on august 22. the dedication ceremony will take place on august 28. the 2012 olympics in london will begin one year from today. the kickoff to the countdown, a ceremony and a torch relay will take place from the canadian embassy to the british embassy in d.c. and they will carry the torch along the route. a special person will carry the
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torch for the last mile, but that person's identity has not been revealed. many attended the funeral of singer amy winehouse yesterday. her father said that she was in good spirits before she was found dead in her london home on the weekend. it's not clear what killed the grammys singer. reality tv star jesse james will not be getting married. the couple has broken apart. they had been planning to get married this summer. jesse james says the distance between them was the 00 much because he lives in texas and she lives in los angeles. the lion roars for apple but not everyone will like it. and wal-mart takes a shot at the streaming movies market. rob nelson as those stories and more. >> walmart is taking on netflix. the largest retailer now has
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movies or rent for $1 up to $6 and to be purchased for $6 and up. you can watch it from just about any device that has internet access. lion operating system sold a million copies in a day. if you don't have experience with the iphone or ipads, you may be facing a big learning curve. >> it takes some time to get used to the changes. like any new operating system, a lot of people put up some resistance after using the same thing day in and day out. >> those wanting to transition more slowly can turn off some of the new features easily. i am rob nelson. 5:18, to look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. -- time tyoo look at traffic and
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weather. it's getting toasty. >> today will be a day of rest. tomorrow and by friday, ready for nearly 100 degrees? >> i am not. >> in the mid-atlantic we can expect this. in annapolis at this hour, almost sunrise. it's 80 degrees at reagan national. 81 for the heat index derek hough 76 degrees currently in the district. alexandria, 80 degrees. our final stop in waldorf at 75 degrees. 70 in gaithersburg, 72 in winchester. 68 in martinsburg. cooler drier air well to the west and north. high pressure will eventually move off the coast, allowing heat and humidity and to rise late tomorrow. by friday and saturday a
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daytime highs approaching 100 degrees. notice what is missing from our forecast for the next 48 hours -- rain. with the unity, it will feel very sticky outside. temperatures will make it feel very toasty. 88-92 degrees today. nighttime lows with a few scattered high clouds will fall into the 60's. low 70's close to the district. highs in the upper 80's to low 90's tomorrow. it will feel warmer than that with the the heat index. the extended outlook. 100 degrees on friday. almost the same on saturday. stands of a few passing showers on sunday and monday. i can pretty much guarantee that we will be looking at some he advisories for the mid- atlantic tomorrow night's through friday and saturday. let's get an update on the rush
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hour commute with lisa baden. it's a good morning around the beltway. no accidents to report from our friends in virginia. 66 and 95, heavier volumes starting. that's headed to the beltway. 270 southbound is noticing more of your neighbors on the road. out of frederick past 109 is the only sticky spots. route 4 and write five -- and route 5 looking good. 95 in and out of baltimore moving at speed. across the american legion bridge, moving nicely. metro rail is on normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 76 degrees. >> the nfl teams try to get the roster is settled. find out all the late-breaking redskins news, coming up. >> today on "oprah," a saturday
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night live all-star cast reunion. that is at 4:00 on abc 7.
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captioned by the national captioning institute donovan mcnabb's remaining time as a redskin may be counted in hours. the redskins and vikings have a deal in place to send him to minnesota as their presumptive
5:25 am
starter. the agreement requires him to restructure his contract. >> the redskins would receive a sixth round pick in 2012 and a conditional pick in 2013. >> the redskins negotiated a deal for barry caulfield, a free agent nose tackle. >> good morning. it is reported the redskins have locked up santana moss with three-year deal worth $15 million. he gets a $5 million signing bonus if, 6 million guaranteed. coming off his biggest year. he had his fourth straight season of 1,000 yards or more. the redskins could still use a big receiver at the other side. the redskins have told the judge bidwell that he will be released and are going after brad mayer of the bears. nationals are still struggling to give the ball.
5:26 am
the momarlins defeated the nationals, 13-3 and defeated washington. there's a book in your wednesday sport. have a great day, everybody. 76 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour of, a warning for people planning to travel overseas this summer. >> the countdown clock is ticking as we get closer to defaulting on our debt. i will let you know why republicans are scrambling. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. a clear day to day with temperatures around 90 degrees. but the heat and humidity are coming back.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. a twisted tail of porn, sex and attempted murder. it ends up with a respected officer behind bars. it is wednesday, july 27. i am cynee simpson. >> i am scott thuman. steven rudin has a first check on that forecast. >> today will be beautiful. lower humidity, lots of sunshine. daytime highs near 90. not a bad start to our wednesday morning. 80 degrees at reagan national. we were up a few degrees at dulles.
5:30 am
fredericksburg at 77 degrees. high pressure overhead that will give us a sunny day. as the high pressure moves off the coast it will allow wins to change out of the south and west. we will feel the difference tomorrow afternoon and into friday. temperatures today near 90. tonight falling into the 60's. 70's in the district. tomorrow the temperatures and the low 90's, but it will feel more like the mid-90's. get ready for 100 degree heat on the way. first, the traffic. i spoke to maryland state police of forestville checking the beltway between the wilson bridge and 50. we are good. no worries to report in and out of baltimore, 95 and 295. 270 southbound, we are seeing more action out of frederick and montgomery county.
5:31 am
headlights out of tysons and bethesda. everything is good. on to our top story. a respected police officer is behind bars. gene gillette is accused of attempted murder. he will be in court today for a bond hearing. >> the charges stemmed from a shocking series of the event. brianne carter is live at prince george's county police headquarters. >> yesterday, walking by himself he came here to police headquarters turning himself in. he said he faces a number of serious charges in connection with an incident on july 2 including attempted murder. according to sources a 20-year- old male was lured to gillette's
5:32 am
home for a pornographic film the shooting. after being asked to perform sexual acts on the officer, the male victim tried to fleet in the officer's car. that is when gillette shot the man. he said it was a carjacking. the police officer of the year has never been said to have any previous trouble. he will be in court for a bond hearing today. he could face life in prison. it's now 5;32. fairfax county police are asking the public for help in finding a seriesal slasher. police released surveillance photographs of the suspect. they believe he is responsible for at least five attacks at three area shopping centers. in each case, they say he
5:33 am
distracted the female shopper and then caught her backside -- cut her backside. lawmakers have six days to reach a deal on the debt ceiling, but there is still no deal. frustrations are mounting. leaders from both parties have come up with their own plans. one of those plans is getting a last minute changes. >> we are following the latest developments. good morning. >> as america inches one day closer to default leaders are no closer to a compromise. a proposal from the john boehner is getting some last-minute rewriting. phone lines flooded as angry americans call in. a vote on house speaker john boehner's plan is postponed until tomorrow. >> i think we have work to do to get it passed, but i think we
5:34 am
can do it. >> the problem is the plan does not cut spending as much as originally thought. with the deadline looming a week away, leaders on both sides of the aisle are feeling the heat but not a sense of compromise. >> we have put forth and of plans for a compromise to fill a room. so we have done everything we can. >> the senate plan is the only real compromise we have in congress today. it is the best shot we have to avoid economic crisis. >> dueling plans from boehner and reid remain front and center with rising interest rates and a declining dollar hanging in the balance. >> let's put together a plan that fixes the problem. there is one plan that will prevent a downgrade para >> analysts predict that even if the deal is reached, a downgrade in the countries credit rating is likely. some on capitol hill have started preparing for the worst. some senators are calling for the federal government to get a plan in place to prioritize
5:35 am
payments that can and should be made. it's now 5:34. an illinois congressmen that was arrested outside the white house yesterday. the democrat spokesman said that he and several other people sat outside on the sidewalk during immigration protests. he was charged with disobeying an official order. he was released after paying a $100 fine. d.c. councilman marion barry's son is expected in court on drug charges. christopher barry was arrested in may after police found pcp and marijuana in his apartment. he is scheduled in landlord- tenant court for an eviction. the homeland security committee will hold another hearing on muslim radicals in the u.s., after the committee's
5:36 am
chairman says that more than 40 somali-americans have been recruited to fight with terrorists in their homelands. and americans are urged to be on the alert while traveling overseas. the state department issued a travel warning because of an increased risk of anti-american violence after osama bin laden's death. al qaeda and other groups are planning attacks in europe, asia africa, and the middle east. norwegian police are under fire for their handling of last week's massacre at an island youth camp. it took them 90 minutes to get to anders breivik the man accused of carrying out the rampage. 76 people died in those attacks. this comes as anders breivik's lawyer says his client may be in st.. it is 5:36. 76 degrees. it's been a d.c. institution
5:37 am
for a century. now walter reed is getting ready to close its doors. we have a live report. first a check
5:38 am
5:39 am
the university of maryland department of public safety in college park, md., which is due a -- >> good morning washington!
5:40 am
>> our temperatures are comfortable. the humidity levels are down for one day. do not get used to it. we have a mini-heat wave on the way by friday. 75 degrees at wtop radio. children's hospital also 75. 75 at dulles. the wind out of the north. plenty of sunshine. termperatures in the upper 80's. tonight, a few high clouds. nighttime lows fall into the 60's. tomorrow, you will notice and feel the difference as you walk out the door. by afternoon it will be a hot day. termperatures and the lower 90's. the heat index will make it feel 5 degrees warmer than that. the real heat arrives on friday
5:41 am
and saturday. we talk about that and a few minutes. head to for an updated look at the forecast. we have a couple of maps and a couple of cameras. let's begin with traffic heading out of maryland into the district with a crash on kenilworth avenue southbound just after the 50 merge. normal travel times along 95 between richmond and baltimore. 110, ca car fire, right lane is blocked with a tow truck. we will take you to the camera and show you the vehicle fire. help on the scene. 5:41. we have some redskins roster rumors. we breakdown who is coming and who is going. >> today marks the beginning of
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checking our stories at 5:45. a grand jury indicted a police officer on charges included attempted murder. prosecutors say the charges against officer gillette stem from a shooting at his capitol heights home. he is expected to be in court today. the house and senate are debating it separate plans. the house could vote on speaker john boehner's plan tomorrow but is not clear if that bill will pass. at least 19 people died when a blast of heavy rain caused landslides in south korea. 10 of the victims were college students doing volunteer work. 24 people were hurt, several
5:46 am
buildings were destroyed. it is just the beginning of the agenda for a storied d.c. institution. after more than 100 years the walter reed army medical center will begin a closing transition today. >> well, later on this morning officials at walter reed will hold the casing the color ceremony. that is the ceremony where they take down the flag. it marks the official reason installation of this facility here in d.c. the walter reed army medical center shutting its doors and the next few weeks. the center will join the current military medical centers in bethesda and ford belfour. today's ceremony will celebrate the history of the army's top medical facility with guest
5:47 am
speakers and music by the u.s. army band. hundreds of thousands of the nation's war wounded from world war rahman one until today have received treatment here, including 18,000 wounded troops that served in iraq and afghanistan. those patients that are sure will transition into the center in bethesda in the coming weeks. the center at walter reed will close and be handed over to the city on september 15. metro is stepping in to ease gridlock associated with the brac realignment. on august 8 there will be a new bus route between metro and the mark center. looking around the region. a missing seven months old baltimore boy -- jonae boozer
5:48 am
faces trial the abduction assault, and burglary charges. police say he took the boy from his father's home on friday. he was found monday morning in northeast washington. last week's heat wave took its toll in maryland. health officials say three people died from heat related illnesses. they include a prince george's county man, a baltimore woman and a man from somerset county on the eastern shore. all of them had underlying health conditions. the west nile virus has been discovered in the district. the disease was found in mosquitoes samples and cleveland park, woodley park and adams morgan. the risk of infection is low but people are urged to be careful. the redskins front office is running a two-minute drill.
5:49 am
here are the highlights. according to reports the redskins have agreed with minnesota on a trade for quarterback donovan mcnabb. although donovan mcnabb has to accept a pay cut, the redskins would get a couple of future sixth round picks in return. santana moss is returning to the burgundy and gold. training camp begins saturday at 8:30 a.m. camp continues next week. each morning is open to the public. >> good to have santana moss back. >> will they be allowed to to practice? >> near 100 degrees. today, cool before the heat. looking outside now. annapolis, md. -- the sun is up. a warmup during the afternoon
5:50 am
hours. the heat index not so bad at 81. our network shows 75 in woodbridge with the winds at 3 miles an hour of the north. frederick, md. at 67. wtop at 75. 60's at the north and west of us. quantico is 78 degrees. dulles 75. the heat across the heat -- the middle of the country. temperatures near 100 degrees on friday. would not be surprised if we see a heat index inuring 105. high pressure overhead is bringing us the beautiful day today. once the area moves off the coast, we will look for southwest winds. that will allow the heat and humidity to fall back into the region. notice what is missing from our forecast for the next couple days? it is rain.
5:51 am
hardly any to speak up. chance of a shower this upcoming weekend. 88-92 for a daytime high with winds at 5-15 miles per hour. he arrives on friday and saturday. the highs are near 100 degrees. let's get updated with traffic. good morning. 66, 95 come 395 a growing volume of traffic. last time we were here, we looked at what was left of a vehicle fire at 110. now gone. george washington parkway across the roosevelt bridge. good right now on 66 as well out of the tunnel to get to constitution avenue and independence avenue. right now in maryland, no problems to report across the wilson bridge. we are good over near andrews air force base inside the beltway on branch avenue. it's now 5:51. football fans gearing up for
5:52 am
game day. >> yes, they are. e-reader sales are helping amazon. linda bell can explain. good morning. let's begin with amazon. its kindle and digital media services are two of the company's biggest drivers. that helped profit exceed analysts' estimates. the increased growth, and a -- amazon is opening new distribution centers. amazon is "running on all cylinders despite the pressure on its margins." football fans are excited for the upcoming season and ready to fill a stadium seats. ticketmaster says that sales on nfl ticket exchanges fell 332% on monday. and it's a stadium staple --
5:53 am
hotdogs. but the physicians committee for responsible medicine says that being them is just as bad for you as smoking cigarettes. they say they should come with a warning label. processed meat can be high and salt. moderation is the key. i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. why does it seem that everything that tastes so good -- >> i9ss bad for you? get a pack of hot dogs. it's 5:53. your "good morning
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5:56 am
the serial slasher attacking women at fairfax county shopping outlets is one of the stories that are trending. people are reading about the proposed curfew in montgomery county and the baby boom at the national zoo. you can find these stories on our website at hundreds of the university of maryland students are trying to complete their entry into the 2011 solar decathlon one. >> 20 collegiate teams from round the world were chosen to compete. the only local team is maryland. their challenge is to design and build four homes that are energy efficient, affordable, as well as attractive.
5:57 am
>> the butterfly pitch roof will collect as much water as possible. it allows us to put solar panels on the roof. >> the weather that goes through our holding -- the water that comes are holding tech should be cleaner than the rain water out of the sky. >> before the competition the students will disassemble the house and take it to the national mall and put it back together. >> everyone will have a chance to see it. we have a lot more to come in the next hour of "good morning washington". the intense search for a man suspected of attacking women in several local shopping centers. >> plus, a local police officer find himself on the wrong side of the law.
5:58 am
5:59 am
"good morning washington". it is wednesday july 27. thanks for joining us. i am cynee simpson. >> plenty of big news today including a police officer indicted and worries over the growing frustration as the debt debate drags on. captioned by the national captioning institute we start with steve rudin. >>

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